Ch.1 Part 3

      A disturbance at the back of the hall caused the crowd to stir.  Arabella searched for the source as a name, in a foreboding whisper caught her ear.

     “Katherine Fitzroy”

     The Fitzroy family were one of the oldest of the Memunim in London and Katherine was the sitting Oracle.  Turning the care of Edmond over to Phillipe, she descended the steps and strode through the onlookers.  Reaching the source she saw that the elderly woman was deep inside the vision.  Her grandson, Ian, knelt at her side, listening intently to the message she relayed.  With a last surge, the vision pushed through the old woman, raising her slightly off the ground. Her fragile hand gripped tighter to the young man’s coat, a raspy voice cried out,

     “Go NOW!!”

     Without question, the young man rose, nodded to his driver and made haste the rear of the chapel.  The pulsing light of the vision ended and Katherine’s eyes returned to the milky white blandness that marked her blindness.  Questions filled Arabella’s mind, many of which echoed in the voices of those around her.  One of the onlookers gently lifted Katherine – she made no sound.  Unconscious, she could give no answers.


     Outside the Cathedral, the Fitroy carriage picked up speed, Ian glanced up at the setting sun, he only prayed that it was not too late.


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