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Just for a little variety, I thought I would add some of my earlier writing. Hope you enjoy.

Letter – a work of fiction

Dear Julie,

     I couldn’t help but notice how nice your hair smelled today.  It was so beautiful in the sunshine, it took all of my self-control to not run my fingers through it.  I also couldn’t help but notice that you had lunch with that man again, I thought that my previous letters would have alerted you to how disastrous a relationship with this person might be, surely he could not love you as much as I do, but that is beside the point, I am sure you will realize that I am right on this point.  Have you told him about me?  Silly me, asking such questions, he would know better than to intrude on our relationship.

     I have been trying to decide what I would get you for your birthday this year.  I never see you wearing the earings that I bought you last year.  I have been trying to think of something more personal, something that you can cherish, something to remind you of my love.

     The first time we met my life changed.  You were so young and beautiful.  You were wearing that little pink sweater.  I remember how pretty your hair was in that ponytail,  I thought it a shame that you cut it all off.  I know you didn’t mean it to be hurtful to me, after all, I did say how much I liked it.  I am glad that you are growing it out again.  It’s much better looking when it is long.  It would have looked so beautiful streaming down your back at graduation.  But that was a long time ago, I barely knew you then, not like now.

     I hate to keep harping on about it, but that man you had lunch with… he is so much like that boy you were dating back then.  Richard something or other.  I tried to warn you about him.  You wouldn’t listen then either, I don’t know if you know, but I finally had to talk to him, I mean, really, even then you knew that we were destined to be together.  I know you had to have your fun, but he was getting a little too serious, he thought he could steal you from me.  I hope this one doesn’t make the same mistake.  Richard whatshisface just wouldn’t believe me when I told him you were mine.  Even after you moved away, I knew you were getting away from him, you knew that I would find you, no matter where you went.  The connection between us is too strong to ever be broken by miles.  Richard didn’t have that connection with you.

     Anyway, that’s all in the past.  We are the future.  I should go now, I will see you soon anyway, but I wanted to tell you that I love you and think of you always.

                                                                                                                                     Love and Devotion,

                                                                                                                                     Your Secret Admirer


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random flash-fiction

So I am still going through my cracker-jack box of computer files and I came across this little story I did for a flash-fiction assignment a billion years ago. The general consensus then was that it was ‘weird’. I remember that it was the middle of the night when I wrote it (at a 24 hr Coffee Shop that sadly is no longer). I have not changed a single word for this posting – I am sitting outside of a grocery store, plugged into their wall, borrowing their wifi and it is coming up on midnight.

So, kamikaze publishing – I think that is a ‘new’ thing I will add to this blog. Wadda ya think?


She stepped off the curb, the bus was so close, there was no way it could miss her. Just like that, she was gone. She floated in darkness, aware of her mind and nothing else. She felt warm, that came later. She didn’t panic, not at first, she just hung there, suspended. Number twenty-five, the bus was number twenty-five, she didn’t know why she knew that, or why it was important.

The day had started off normal enough, nothing special. She had dressed for work, caught the train downtown and stopped for coffee as she always did. Her boss was congenial, even if he was a bit of an ass. She chatted with the women, this one had a new grandson, that one was getting a divorce. She paid her bills during her lunch hour, contemplated getting a manicure after work, booked a weekend at a ski resort.

Her boss left early, around three. He said it was for a meeting, but the HR lady had seemed a little too friendly when she walked out of his office at two-thirty. She called her mother and relived another conversation, the same one they had every week since she had dropped out of college. She hung up promising to call again the next week.

She turned off her computer, put on her coat. It was red and had faux fur around the collar. She had been happy when she found it at the Goodwill the winter before last. On her way out, she stopped to flirt with the lawyer in the next suite. He was married, but fun to chat too.

She had dinner alone at an Olive Garden, it was located in a strange place. Crammed into the corner amongst office buildings, no other stores or restaurants nearby. They had a good house white, she had two glasses with dinner. The sun hadn’t set when she left, the streets were not as busy as they would be had she waited another hour.

That’s when she saw the bus, she don’t know why she decided to step out. It was just something to do. She didn’t think of death, or injury. She did not think of heaven or hell. She just stepped out. The bus number was twenty five, the same age as she was, odd.


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