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Computer Issues

Just when I thought I was getting things together… my ONLY working computer, STOPPED WORKING!!!!!!! As I have no library card – and therefore a miniscule amount of ‘guest’ access – I am once again delinquent on my postings. I have six minutes remaining on my borrowed computer. I want to cry.


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Alphabet Fiction

I mentioned something I have named ‘Alphabet Fiction’ a while back.  Well, now I am going to expand on it a little bit.

As you may know, I have a slight obsession with the dictionary.  My Handy-Dandy is a source of comfort, security and wisdom.  Oftentimes, it is also a source of inspiration.  Some of you may remember The Dictionary Distraction ( well, Alphabet Fiction follows a similar thought process.

Choose 5 – 10 words that begin with the same letter.  Even better if they are within the same dictionary page.

Use the definitions of these words to create a story line.

The title of the story MUST begin with the same letter as the words chosen. (the main title word… not ‘A’ or ‘The’, etc.)

The idea is based on flash fiction (500 words or less) but I bet that longer works could easily be developed using this technique.  I haven’t tried anything longer… but one day I will make that attempt.

I am interested to know if anyone gives it a try.  I am on outline phase with “D”.

Hope all is well,



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How Long Can You Stare at Blank Screen?

I feel like every time I sit down to write a post I have to apologize.

I hate apologizing.

It has been another long break between posts and all that I can say is that I have nothing to say.  I am annoying myself, JJ,  and I am pretty sure that I saw Bailey (my dog) roll her eyes at me this morning.

The job hunt is ongoing but unproductive.  I have watched all of the movies I own, read all of my books and I only get one channel on TV.  Sadly, I still have a WA drivers licence and a WA PO Box, so I can’t even get a library card in CA.

woe is me

Nah…. the truth is I have stopped feeling sorry for myself.  I am going back to school (again)  in a little over a month, so that should kick start my brain into gear.  I think that I should just face the fact that I need to keep taking classes for the rest of my life.  I may be stressed when I am in school, but at least I always know what day it is and have something to do each day.

I would be a lousy housewife.  It takes all of 20 minutes to clean the Wilderness, shoot! the whole place is only 26 ft long.  I love my little home.


I think I am going to go home and take a nap.

hope all is well



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