Multiple Applications and Slowing Down

12 May

At this moment I have five tabs, two windows, a PDF file and two word documents open.  While this slows the Acer down considerably, that is the price I must pay for ‘borrowing’ a WiFi connection.


It strikes me that this is how I live my life a great deal of the time.  I have to wonder at my ability to collect ‘To Do’  items all at one time.  That wasn’t a well constructed sentence, but that only further emphasizes my point.  MY PROCESSING SYSTEM IS SLOWING DOWN!!!

One week ago today, I was aimless and without direction.   I was without transportation, cable, internet, a good book and sadly, a computer charger (I left it in the truck) and to top it off,  I was all alone in the Wilderness (my travel trailer… although I was also out in the boonies… so either way).

Today, I have a million things going on, all scattered in various different avenues of thought, subject and purpose.  It is coming up on 11pm, and my day is NOT approaching completion.  So much to do, so little time — for now anyway — next week, I may have finished my ‘To Do’ list and once again be aimless and without direction.

When I worked full-time I had a balance and a routine.  Since going back to school my routine has a duration of a single quarter.  Three month’s of a schedule is barely enough time to settle, never mind achieve balance.  Since I have been out of school and traveling I have forsaken  both balance and routine.  In many ways I am glad that both disappeared, I did not appreciate either one when I had them – even disdained them at times.  I now see their value and hope one day soon to call them my own once again.

Hope all is well,



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2 responses to “Multiple Applications and Slowing Down

  1. Fionna Larcom

    May 17, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    That’s what they say… I am starting to catch up with myself

  2. Richard W Scott

    May 13, 2010 at 4:39 AM

    What is it they say? Tasks somehow manage to expand to take up more time than alloted? Something like that. I’m guessing you will rise to the top, nonetheless.

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