Cappuccino Dream

09 Apr

      I really don’t have anything intelligent to say today, but it has been three days since I last posted anything and I don’t want to get in the habit of not posting.  So, to keep it lighthearted, rather than just brain-dead, I thought today I would talk about coffee.  I don’t want to give the impression that I am a ‘Hollywood’ Diva type who takes ten minutes just to list the modifiers for an espresso drink, but I do have standards when I upgrade from my regular coffee flavored coffee.

Standard One:

     What is the deal with ordering a n0-foam cappuccino?  Is it really a cappuccino if there is no foam?  I was at a coffee stand the other day and ordered a cap. and the woman handed me a cup with espresso and enough milk to make it a small latte, but no foam.  When I asked for foam, she gave me a dirty look.  NO, I did not put a tip in her little jar.

Standard Two (and my gripe with Starbucks)

     My handy-dandy Merriam-Webster did not list ‘macchiato” – probably because it is an Italian word – so I had a Wikipedia moment:


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Macchiato is an Italian word, meaning “marked” or “stained”.
It is frequently used to refer to three distinct drinks:

So, Starbucks, not satisfied with the bland word ‘latte’ decided that it would ignore tradition and create the Caramel Macchiato.  Who cares that it does not fall within the definition – not to mention the headache, hassle and general irritation every other coffee shop would have when people order a caramel macchiato and instead of a caramel latte, they receive a macchiato of the literal variety.  Bad Starbucks!

Standard Three

Again, I think that I can lay this one at the doorstep of Starbuck and their distaste for bland words.  Is it just me, or does ‘tall’ usually refer to something that (handy-dandy):

  1. high in stature; also: of a specified height <six feet ____>
  2. large, formidable <a ____ order>
  3. unbelievable, improbable <a ____ story>

yet, it can also be the smallest size for a coffee drink.  Wierd.

     Instead of adding my own two cents explaining this, I found some cool articles that do a better job:

The first is explanation, the second takes the ‘taboo’ word in a different, but interesting direction.  Check them out.

Have a good one


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