Reparative Repartee (part 2)

06 Apr

     The small-minded element of human population will always seek an excuse for their smallness.  It is unfortunate fact that innocent bystanders are damaged by this quest.  This is the price of societal evolution, if there was no need for change, there would be no fight for that change to occur.  History is filled with the tragedy of innocents suffering at the hands of the narrow-minded.  Boiled down to basics the story goes as follows:

  • Person A has the power and wishes to keep it
  • Person B is oppressed
  • Person A goes too far
  • Person B gains a sense of self-worth
  • Person A denies the worth of Person B
  • Person B tells Person A to take a hike

While the details may differ, the formula remains consistent.  At various times in life we are both Person A and Person B, I challenge anyone to disagree.

    I can vouch for myself that I have occupied both roles and found neither to be satisfying.  Therefore, the foundation for Plan E is to play a new role.   Person C.

  • Person C does not oppress nor are they oppressed
  • Person C owns their self-worth
  • Person C promotes the intrinsic value of others

I can anticipate at least three responses to Person C:

  1. Cool… have at.
  2. Idealistic little twit
  3. Egotistical snot

Responses 2 and 3 are equal in their popularity, they can both be dismissed after answering the following questions (which I ask myself daily):

  • Are you being honest with yourself and those affected?
  • Have you provided context and evidence?
  • Are your motivations honorable?
  • Are you seeking approval?
  • Have you asked questions?
  • Have you invited discussion?
  • Have you invited honesty?
  • Are you trying to make yourself happy or someone else?
  • Who are you?  Have you represented yourself as someone/something different?
  • What makes you think you are special?  Who do you think you are?
  • Are you qualified?
  • Are you satisfied with ‘struggling’ or ‘aspiring’?
  • Are you playing it safe?
  • Are you holding back?
  • Do you feel apologetic?
  • Do you feel ashamed?
  • Do you feel like a fraud?

The most elusive of the responses, response number 1, I have heard only a handful of times.  In those moments I am comfortable to be me.

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