Cow Canyon, Mountain View and the Oregon Trail

04 Apr

     After nosing around Central Washington, JJ and I realized that we had started our trek a little too early for any good tourist adventures… and,  that it was a little too cold and windy for our tastes.  So we headed South.

     Smack in the middle of Oregon State… there is naught but fields, cows and scary little towns that profess populations of three or four hundred,  yet once entered, no soul can be seen. 

     Imagine my surprise when there was no WiFi signal at the Cow Canyon Rest Area.  But for $32 a night (yes, that was with Good Sam) my credit card is crying, a little sleep was had, and an internet connection was made — Thank you Mountain View RV Park.  With an hour and a half to check out time, coffee today is at my little table in the Wilderness.  Madras, Oregon … Population 6650 (+2 and Bailey).

     Last night I dreamed I was in New Orléans, in the summertime, sitting out on the Bayou sipping frosty lemonade and eating jambalaya.  I woke up, cereal for breakfast – cold cereal – and  there is a chance of snow in Southern Oregon.  I want to go to New Orléans.

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