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31 Mar

     After posting the last part of Plan A I could not face Plan B.  I don’t want to depress myself and I sure don’t want to depress you,  this is supposed to be an upbeat blog…  c’est la vie, I’ll tell you more about my failures later.

    So, last night while JJ fixed the brakes on the Wilderness (1978 bunk house trailer) I went to pick up pizza at Domino’s.  I was engrossed in the descriptions on the side of the box, one of which stated that their sauce was “a tasty trifecta of herbs, red pepper and tomato sauce”.

     JJ was not finished when I got back, and so, to distract me from my rumbly tummy, I picked up my new Mirriam-Webster to look up ‘trifecta’.   It wasn’t there.

     ‘Tri-‘ I understand is three, but what the heck is ‘fecta’? I scanned the ‘F’ section and of course, no ‘fecta’.  I did come across an interesting word I don’t believe I have ever heard before.

Fecund: adj. Fruitful, Prolific

The surrounding words set my imagination spinning in a rather wicked direction.

Fecundate:  vb .  

  1. to make fecund (no spinning from this one) 
  2. Impregnate

Feces: n.   Bodily waste discharged from the intestine

Feckless: adj. 

  1. Weak, ineffective
  2. Worthless, Irresponsible

Federal: adj.   Formed by a compact between political units that surrender individual authority but retain certain limited powers.

Now, I am not making a political statement or implying criticism in any way (dang, another black mark in my FBI I file) I simply find the combined imagery amusing.   There! ….. You see it too, don’t you?  Isn’t that naughty?

     I love Dictionaries, they are right up there with Psychology Encyclopedias – now that is some entertaining stuff.

p.s.  I will have the third episode of Generations up soon, I am having a sequencing debate with myself.


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2 responses to “The Dictionary Distraction

  1. Fionna Larcom

    April 4, 2010 at 8:44 AM

    Thank you, I was running out of room on the other and needed more options for organization.
    How was your trip?
    Oh hey, we may be heading to your direction, wanna do coffee?

  2. Richard W Scott

    April 4, 2010 at 6:29 AM

    Interesting theory … and I LOVE the new look of the blog!

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